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Who am I ?


Céline Tran is an explorer of the human body. With an extraordinary career path, this former Political Sciences and Litterature student has become an icon of performance and sensuality. For 13 years, she has presented herself under the pseudonym Katsuni, her name of "warrior in stilettos", and became a world-famous figure, a regular guest on TV shows.


In 2013, at the height of her career in Los Angeles, she decided to call it quits. She was 33 at the time, and had no career transition strategy. No matter, she choses integrity and follows her instincts. "This career in the adult industry was a stage, "a warm-up", a way of exploring my freedom and finding its limits. It was time to 'rreconcile with myself. »

It was through sport and introspection that she began a process of "reclaiming her identity", experimenting a new dialogue with her body. Henceforth, her body is no longer a "work tool/ object of fantasy", but an intimate and creative space. Dance, theater, circus arts,martial arts... She frees herself from clichés and reinvents herself, venturing into new fields and exploring her own potential.


Back in France, she played the character of La Baronne in the series "Le Visiteur du Futur", then Madame, in the Cambodian action film "Jailbreak" (Netflix), where she directed her own fight scenes. Injured in the foot, she put her acting ambitions on hold and used her convalescence as an opportunity to take on new challenges. She agreed to present an aerial silk act on stage at the Auditorium Saint Germain in Paris. "Since I couldn't put my foot down, I just had to fly!".


The practice of Ashtanga Yoga accompanied her in her rehabilitation, and she trained professionally. Keen to take care of others and understand the body in a new way, she also trained in well-being massages and foot reflexology, and travelled to Thailand on several occasions to specialize in Traditional Thai Massage.


In 2018 she published a testimonial book "Don't say that you like it" (Fayard/ La Musardine) and then opened her coaching practice in Paris. She then trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis, a technique that has accompanied her on her own journey.

In 2021, Céline plays the stunt double for Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh in The Witcher: Blood Origins (Netflix).


Today, Céline Tran is a:


  • Professional coach for business leaders and athletes, specialized in life change, "performance and letting go".

  • Yoga teacher, practitioner of well-being and Traditional Thai massages.

  • Trainer "Hypnosis & Sexology"( A.R.CH.E) .Instructor for the "Education à la vie" & "Conseiller Conjugal & Familial" training courses.

  • Author/Screenwriter (Fayard. La Musardine. Ankama.Glénat )

  • Sponsor of the "Jeunesse & porno" prevention campaign, alongside the OPEN association (child protection specialist), chaired by Thomas Rohmer.

  • Intimacy Coordinator for cinema.


Increasingly solicited to talk about her career, she is a regular guest in the media and gives talks on career transition and sexuality. (TEDx Speaker- Centrale Lyon) 

Her relationship with the body and the construction of identity are notions that remain at the heart of her approach.



  • Certification in Well-Being Massages (Miki School, Paris. FFMBE): Swedish Massage, Abhyanga, Lomi-Lomi, Nuad Bo Rarn, Californian, Pregnant Woman, Face.

  • Certification in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (Sunshine School, Chiang Mai, Thailand). Basic techniques, advanced, stretching, and dedicated to pregnant women.

  • Certification in Advanced Techniques in Thai Massage and Plantar Reflexology at Jack Chaiya School, Chiang Mai.

  • Certification in Thai Oil Massage & “Aromatherapy ” at Wat Po School (Chiang Mai)

  • Training in Ayurvedic treatments and massages (Gayaveda School).

  • Teacher certification in Ashtanga Yoga (Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Paris, Yoga Alliance).

  • Certification of " Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis " (l'Arche, Paris).

  • Training in Psychopathology with Alain Heril at l'Arche, Paris.

  • Specialization “ Hypnosis, Sport & Performance ” as a mental coach.

  • Specialization “ Hypnosis & Childhood ”.

  • Training in Chi Neï Tsang massage (Terrazen, Paris)

Complementary experiences

  • Professional training at Le Studio circus school. Culver City (CA, USA)

  • 1st Dan in Taekwondo

  • 2nd Dan in Shotokan Karate

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don't say you like it
by Celine Tran
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de Céline Tran
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Ne dis pas que tu aimes ça, mon livre autobiographique
don't say you like it
by Celine Tran
Editions Fayard
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don't say you like it
by Celine Tran
Editions Fayard
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