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Events to come

My favorite field?

The relationship to the body and the change of life. I suggest you  several themes for your audience. I am of course at your disposal if you  have specific requests depending on the axis of your event.

• Youth and pornography
• Men, women, for fulfilling sexuality
• Being a woman, power and vulnerability.
• Be efficient. Between control and letting go.
• Praise of risk: reinventing oneself and changing one's life

• Stretching and hypnosis; relax in pleasure
• Self-hypnosis: how to condition yourself for success
• Practice letting go


En tant que TEDx speaker (+ 1 demi million de vues sur YouTube) et figure emblématique du changement de vie,

je vous propose de partager mon expérience de vie, mais aussi mon regard en tant que coach/ accompagnante.

Parler d'un sujet inspirant, c'est bien, l'incarner, c'est mieux!


Lâcher Prise

Comment vaincre l'anxiété de performance et lâcher-prise au quotidien?

#stress #cogitations #relaxation #contrôle #sérénité

Changement de vie

- Comment être libre de changer de vie malgré le regard des autres?

- Comment trouver sa place?

#confiance #estimedesoi

#audace #identité

Santé Sexuelle

- Décrypter la pornographie en ligne et son influence sur la sexualité. #prévention #jeunesse

- Comment vivre une sexualité épanouie? #couple #relation


Offrez-vous une expérience associant techniques de relaxation corporelle et hypnose.

Me consulter

You are interested

for an internship, a workshop, a conference, a partnership.


Events to come

November 20

Intervention with the FORUM DE LA FAMILLE ET DE PARENTALITE association "THE AFFECTIVE AND SEXUAL LIFE OF YOUNG PEOPLE", in collaboration with the association Le Rendez-Vous des Parents.

Beginning of the event from 2 p.m. then exchanges for my part, with the parents (questions/answers) at 4 p.m. at the Palais de la Culture at 19, rue Chante Coq - 92800 PUTEAUX.


November 24

C olloque around child prostitution

(reserved for a professional public)

November 25, 2021

Sport & Sexuality Conference in collaboration with As Sports Medicine  


Past events


• Conference with the Open association with the Scouts de France, Lyon.  

“Adolescence and digital, all educators”


• Conference at Sciences-Po Lilles. Porn and politics. Representations, feminism, reconversion. »
• Round table “The deadline – comics: the return of the Fathers of modesty? »,

alongside Bruno Gassiot, Bernard Joubert and Emmanuel Pierrat.
• Round table around Vietnam. Toulon National Stage
• Conference with Thomas Rohmer from the Open in Boulogne “Online porn:

How can we protect and support our children? »
• Conference on the professional retraining of sex workers,

in partnership with STRASS


• Live conference on the Youtube channel of the UNESCO Sexual Health and Human Rights Chair.

"Pornography, camsex and confinement".
• TEDx conference at Centrale Lyon, “The day I got dressed”
• Live conference for the National meetings of the FEDEEH.

“Sexuality, romantic relationships and disability”.
• Women Leaders Workshop. Intervention around female sexuality for VSC Consulting, Paris

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